General Instructions for inpatients: 
  1. Be willing to learn to help yourself. Buy and read at least two books during your stay in the hospital, use our library books.

  2. Willingly undergo the treatment. 

  3. You are requested to donate to our Poor Patient Aid Fund. Genuine request for free treatment will be considered by the authorities concerned. 

  4. Outing should be with permission. 

  5. Please bring three bath towels, a bed sheet and loose cotton dress, at least one pajama/churidar for yoga, yoga sheet, torch,  candles.

  6. Register your name with details of your sickness 10 days in advance. If you are unable to reach the centre on the fixed date, do inform us in advance. If you fail to do so, you will lose your registration. 

  7. Bring some helpers with asthmatic, epileptic, mentally disabled, handicapped and weak patients. 

  8. Avoid using any food other than served from the centre. 

  9. The minimum period needed for treatment of any chronic sickness is 15 days. Healthy persons can stay for 10 days for a body service plan. Be sure to follow these natural ways and principles of life for a long and healthy life.

  10. Do not expect speedy and complete cure for aged persons and from chronic sickness, They will, of course, have some relief in 15 days. After this training they will have to continue the treatment at home. Generally one month treatment is required for cure of one year old sickness. 

  11. Each patient is advised to learn and follow all the possible treatments by themselves during their stay in the ashram as directed. 

  12. Dependence on the Almighty and meditation are integral part of the treatment. So do it by praising God for His gifts and even for the difficulties. Forgiving our enemies is very beneficial for mental peace and cure of sickness. 

  13. Every one in the hospital is requested to sit quiet and spend some time to think of the mercy of God and the good things, he provides for us every day. Spiritual reading, sharing of spiritual thoughts etc are encouraged. 

  14. Each one is advised to join the common prayers at 6 p m. But this is not compulsory. Starting the day with God helps us to lead a responsible life. 

  15. Every one is requested to keep cleanliness in the hospital. 

  16. Nature cure books in English and Malayalam, herbal tea packets, enema can, magnets, accupressure gadgets and other equipments are available for sale.

  17. Some may lose weight and others gain. Please ignore these changes. Health is not body shape or weight alone. So visitors, well wishers and relatives should not upset the patients with shocking, negative remarks about these changes. Generally their weight is balanced within six months period. 

  18. Please note that if the patient has completely lost any of his vital organs, perfect cure is not to be expected suddenly, but many of the other  problems can be removed. 

  19. If possible avoid all valuables during your stay in the hospital. 

I. Cardinal Padiyara Nature Cure Yoga Ashram

Kusumagiri P O, Kakkanad, Kochi 682030, Kerala State, South India. 
Tel: 0484-2422276 / 2422115.
Mobile: 9447302524
E-mail: Email Father Maliekal, Email Sr.Jissa
Location: 35 kilometres south of Kochi International Airport (Nedumbassery) and 10 kilometres east of North Railway Station, Ernakulam, one Kilometre east of Ernakulam Civil Station. 

II. St. Tresa's Prakruthi Chikilsalayam

Moozhikulam,  Kurumassery P O, Moozhikulam, Angamaly 683579, Kerala State, South India. 
Phone: 0484-2473221 / 2473231(convent) Mobile: 9744257679
Location: 10 kilometres North west of Cochin International Airport (Nedumbassery) and 6 kilometres west of Angamaly Railway on the bank of river. 
E-mail: Email Father Maliekal , Email St.Tresa's nature cure, Email Sr.Chalcy
Location: 10 kilometres South West of Kochi International Airport,  Nedumbassery  and 6 kilometres west of Angamaly Railway Station, on the bank of a river. 

III. AMALA Nature Cure Yogashram

Tukum, Chandrapur -442401, Maharashtra State, India.
Location: 10kms North West of Airport 
Tel: 07172-271724, E-mail: Email Father Maliekal, Email Sr Jissa 

Be sure to start nature cure way of life today itself. Don't delay for sickness. This is a life long project to keep you safe, healthy and happy.



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