Healed Residents at both centres share their personal experiences:-

When I came to St Tresa’s I was fully dependent on crutches for walking, had severe knee pain and degenerative disorder. After treatment for 2 months I walked back a healthy man without crutches and also gave up my dependence on alcohol. Thank you to the sisters I am indebted, I still routinely visit the centre every two months or so for upkeep.

Jayakumar P. E.

I came with scleroderma and my forehead had dark discoloration.  With one month of treatment my skin showed tremendous improvement and I also lost weight.  The detox regiments has also improved my overall health.

Lucy Philip
New York.

I had severe back pain, stiffness and obesity related issues when I came to the centre.  After almost 3 months of treatment I lost a total of 14 kilos of weight and regained health.  My blood work also showed a lot of improvement. Went off pre-diabetic meds and have stayed off them since. I do return annually for basic upkeep of my mental and physical faculties and because I love it here!! Thank you to the sisters whose care and love made the stay and treatment at St Tresa’s a breeze!!

Smitha P
Columbus, OHIO.

Since the age of 16, I have been affected by a condition called Nodular Vasculitis. I am now 62 years old. I had been able to manage my medical condition fairly well and had been able to lead a normal active even athletic life till the year 2015. In 2015 my condition worsened. And I was not responding to many antibiotics available in the market. The toxin levels in my body were also going above the manageable levels. It is at this point that my doctor advised me to stop all medicines and try out Naturopathy and directed me to St.Tresa’s. I spend 54 days at St Tresa’s and followed the advice and regimen suggested by the Centre. My condition improved phenomenally. I was able to restore the capacity of my body to heal itself. I also lost close to 25 kgs of my body weight. Since then I have more or less lived the kind life style suggested by the Centre and have been able to stay healthy and free of any medication. I would like to thank all the sisters who helped to cure myself and stay healthy.

Venu Mohan Madhavan
Marcom Cosultant , Social Science Researcher
Tandem Consulting,

Since   2016 I am regularly this institute, For me, this institute caters to the psycho-spiritual-physical needs of the person. The day begins with prayer, yoga and treatments. When I came here in 2016 I had a severe pain on my neck and after the treatments for two weeks I had total relief and reduced my pain. Now every year I spend a minimum of 10 days here and refresh myself.

Fr. Antony Valiaparampil MSFS

I came with severe intestinal issues including indigestion, bloating, etc… and tail bone pain to St. Teresa’s Nature Cure. I underwent various naturopathic and related treatments for 21 days. The care and treatment are really praiseworthy. I returned pain free and healthier. The Centre has facility not only for treatment but also for real spiritual nourishment. 

Fr. Saiju Mullappallil 
Archdiocese of Nagpur

My Experience at Cardinal Padiyara Hospital was pleasant and beautiful. All sisters are very kind and helpful. Yoga classes combined with the sisters loving and caring approach made me totally relaxed.

Thanks and prayers,
Saniya Rafi.

I had a very homely feeling here in the Cardinal Padiyara Nature cure center. I highly appreciate all the staff members especially the sisters who are doing a wonderful work here in the field of service.
With Prayers,
Anne Thomas.

Dedicated Doctor, very good treatment, good ambiance, overall very nice experience.
Deepu Paul

Staying at the St.Tresa’s Nature cure Moozhikulam and taking Naturopathy treatment for 25 days was an amazing experience for me. I truly feel blessed to learn the best perfect life style and diet routine to live long and prosper for the rest of mine and my families life.
The various treatments of cleansing and energizing our body mind and soul with prayers, gratitude, yoga, massage, herbal juice various baths, specially prepared diet food helped me to redesign my body chemistry. Aches and pains, inflammation reduced to almost nil. Body became magically flexible, noticeable weight-loss and fat reduction.
Learned new food habits.
Enlightened with sessions on nature cure.
Cholesterol levels went drastically down to normal.
Meditation, yoga nidra, deep relaxation techniques etc were an experience.
I am extremely thankful to all the Doctors / sisters here whose care and divine touch healed me inside out. Also I extend my gratitude to other helpers.
I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to have a natural healing to lead a better, healthier, happier life style.

May God almighty bless everyone here abundantly with perfect health, riches, love, happiness and wisdom.

Lots of Love and Prayers,
Liju Sunil Vachaparambil.

I am very happy and experienced good atmosphere,tasty food,yoga exercises and good support.

Davison George

I have been here in St. Tresa for 9 days. This is the fourth time I am here. I reduced 4kgs I feel more agile and light. Above all I enjoy The Atmosphere which helps me to celebrate Holymass, Pray and come to know other patients. I thank the sisters and staff for d service.God bless them and the institution.
Fr.Joy Cj

I have been here in St. Tresa’s Nature cure for 9 days and reduced 4 kgs. My cholesterol came down to normal and all the more I learnt to practice healthy life style and diet. every person gets individual care and able to practice yoga and excercizes which are essential for healthy life. Massage, steam bath, spinal bath and Mud bath are highlights. Regular time schedule and activities makes day to pass without boredom. Centre also provides spiritual support too. The staff here are amazing. I sincerely thank the team and institution for all support given to me. Lejo P.P

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